Project Meal Tracker - Dev Log 2: More Work on Mockup

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It's the 17th of December, 19:12

Exactly one month has passed since my last dev log. I started the project over a month ago, and I haven't written a single line of code yet. I don't really have any excuses. Life just came across. I was sucked into another project that took most of my free time, and the holidays were also quite busy. But now, the project is closed, the holidays are over, and my wife is watching something on Netflix that doesn't interest me much. It's 19:21 now, and at 19:30, I go to bathe the kid. But once he is asleep, the project is back on track!

Continuing the Mockup

As I wrote in the previous dev log, the first problem I want to address is that I more often than not struggle with putting together a menu for the week, and I want my family to help with that. Here is the outline of the functionality I want to achieve:

  1. Users can browse the available recipes.
  2. Users can add new recipes.
  3. Users can add recipes to their wishlist.
  4. Users can see each other's wishlists.

The Recipes Screen

Recipes screen mock 1

The idea isn't anything groundbreaking. It's a list of recipes the user can scroll through. This is very basic, but this is how I like to start. No search, filtering, or any of those fancy stuff. I've added a heart icon to indicate the "add to wishlist" functionality. The floating action button (FAB) is there for adding new recipes.

Add new recipe screen mock 1

To keep things very simple, I also don't really want to deal with storing ingredients and recipe descriptions. To be honest, I would also hate adding those things on my phone. Maybe later.

It's 21:36 and I am tired.

Next time, I hope I'll get to writing some code.