Did Apple just save the Metaverse?

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For a long time, I wasn't too excited about Apple's new products. However, this changed with their latest device - the Apple Vision Pro. This is their first foray into the world of "spatial computing." Apple is known for creating exceptional products and for getting people excited about them. If Apple were a person, it'd be akin to a famous TikTok star with a billion followers!

The Impact on Meta

Watching Apple’s big event, WWDC2023, stirred a mix of feelings. My initial thought was that Meta (formerly known as Facebook) is in big trouble. Meta put literally their whole business on being the pioneer to the new "virtual world," but now it seems like Apple might outdo them.

However, after putting in some extra thoughts Apple's move might not be entirely negative for Meta. In fact, it might prove beneficial. Apple has a knack for making new tech popular. Once people own these new devices, like VR/AR headsets, they'll want to utilize them. That's where Meta's virtual world could come in, providing a platform for these users.

Believing in the Virtual World Again

Before the Vision Pro, I wasn't sold on the idea of a "virtual world" pioneered by Meta. It felt like the company was desperately trying to pivot from their gradually waning cash cow: Facebook. This wouldn't be problematic if the results they were showing over the years resembled the birth of a new era of technology or an expansion of the currently known reality. Instead, it seemed more like The Sims 2.

However, now that Apple has expressed such interest in VR and AR, I believe it could be a game-changer. The Vision Pro might be a significant risk for Apple, but since the iPhone maker is betting on it, it holds more potential for the future of spatial computing than ever before. By this, I mean the rise of a virtual world where people spend a significant amount of time socializing, playing, and learning.

So yes, I believe that the price of Apple taking a small piece of Meta's market is minuscule compared to the potential gain the social media giant could reap thanks to Apple pushing to world to virtual reality.